The fund offers investors exposure to agricultural commodities and precious metal investments in one place. The fund seeks to deliver long-term capital growth and provide inflation protection as an added benefit.

Agricultural-Precious Metals Fund

These are the details about the ReelShares Agricultural Commodities and Precious Metals Fund that investors interested in purchasing shares of the fund need to know.

The fund’s performance targets

The fund offers individual investor class and institutional class share options. The two account types differ in minimum investment requires and annual fees.

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Besides pursuing long-term capital growth, the fund also seeks current income as a secondary objective.

The fund aims to achieve an annual growth of 31% and deliver an internal rate of return of 33%.80. It seeks total returns of 72% – 90% in five years.

Minimum investments and fees

The initial minimum investment amount for individual investor class shares is $5,000. There is no maximum investment cap for this account.

The minimum initial investment for institutional class shares is $10,000, and there’s no upper limit.

The fund charges an annual fee on investor accounts to cover its operating expenses. The fee is assessed as a percentage of the investor account value. The annual fee on the individual investor account is 1.91%. The institutional investor account is subject to a 1.11% annual fee.

For the initial investment, investors can purchase shares of ReelShares Agricultural Commodities and Precious Metals Fund directly from Reel Shares or from its financial intermediaries.

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