Amid increasing conflicts and geopolitical tensions around the world, many countries are boosting their defense budgets. The Allied Defense Fund offers investors exposure to a basket of defense-related investments in a single place.

These are the details about the Allied Defense Fund that investors interested in purchasing shares of the fund need to know.

Allied Defense Fund

The fund’s investment area and return target

The fund invests in defense sector companies, targeting both public and private companies in the U.S. and abroad.

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While its focus remains the defense sector, the fund has a diversified asset allocation. It invests 40% of its capital in established defense contractors, and allocates 30% of its capital to smaller defense companies. The fund puts 20% of its capital in companies involved in emerging defense technologies that can transform the market. About 10% of the fund’s capital is invested in other funds that specialize in the defense sector.

The Allied Defense Fund aims to deliver an annual internal rate of return of 15%.

Investing the fund

For the initial investment, investors can purchase shares of Allied Defense Fund directly from Reel Shares or financial intermediaries.

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