The Reel Shares Growth Equity Fund RELPV gives investors exposure to a diverse range of investment products domestically and overseas. The fund’s investment approach is built around following catalysts and the goal is to deliver long-term capital growth.

These are the details about the Reel Shares Growth Equity Fund RELPV that investors need to know.

Benefit from Investing in Growth Equity Fund RELPV

The fund’s investment strategy and returns

The fund invests at least 80% of its assets in equity securities and the remaining 20% in fixed-income securities. It invests in American and foreign companies of various sizes in diverse industries.

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The fund seeks long-term capital growth for investors. It pursues an event-driven investment approach. With this strategy, the fund invests in companies that have catalysts that can drive big movements in their share prices. These can be companies that recently announced major changes or companies that are expected to experience material changes that could affect their stock prices.  

The catalysts that the fund considers include merger and acquisition deals, spinoffs and management reshuffles. As a result, the fund can take long or short positions in stocks depending on how it anticipates the catalyst to impact the stock.

The fund produced an internal rate of return of 15% in the most recent financial period.

Reel Shares Growth Equity Fund RELPV share class

The fund has three share classes. There are two share options for individual investors and one for institutional investors. The share class options in the individual investor category are Investor A and Investor C. The different share classes vary by annual fees and minimum initial investment requirements.

Initial investment requirements

The initial minimum investment amount for all individual investors is $1,000. The fund supports automatic investment plans that allow investors to purchase additional shares regularly in an ongoing basis. The minimum starting investment for individual investors in the automatic plan is $50.

The fund has no minimum investment requirement for institutional investors.

Reel Shares Growth Equity Fund RELPV investor fees

The fund charges an annual fee on investor accounts to cover its operating expenses. The fee is assessed as a percentage of the account value. The annual fee is 1.52% on individual investor class A shares and 2.26% on individual investor class C shares. Institutional investor accounts are subject to a 1.26% annual fee.

For the initial investment, investors can purchase shares of Reel Shares Growth Equity Fund RELPV directly from Reel Shares or through its financial intermediaries.

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