There is strong demand for self-storage services in the U.S., yet just over 10% of U.S. population used self-storage services in 2022. As a result, there is significant room for growth in the self-storage industry.

Self Storage Fund

These are the details investors interested in purchasing shares of ReelShares Self Storage Fund should know.

The fund’s investment area and return target

The fund invests more than 80% of its assets in a diverse range of self-storage investments, including value-add self-storage assets, repeatable prototype builds, industrial and big box assets, and conversions of distressed retail.

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The fund seeks to deliver an annual rate of return of at least 35%.

ReelShares Self Storage Fund share class

The fund offers two share class options. There is a class of shares for individual investors and another for institutional investors. The fund offers standard accounts and other account versions under each share class. The individual and institutional account types differ in initial investment requirements and account fees.

Initial investment requirements

The initial investment minimum for the standard individual account is $1,500. Additional purchases a minimum of $150 for each transaction. The fund offers other individual account options with varying initial investment requirements that range between $350 – $1,000. The additional purchases minimum for those other accounts go as low as $50.

The initial investment minimum for the standard institutional account is $10,000. The additional purchases minimum is $200.

ReelShares Self Storage Fund investor fees

The fund charges an annual fee to investor accounts. The fee is based on the account value. The annual fee is 1.30% on the individual investors account and 1.00% on the institutional investor accounts.

For the initial investment, you may purchase shares of ReelShares Self Storage Fund directly from Reel Shares or through a financial intermediary that has a relationship with ReelShares. The shares can be traded on the NYSE after the initial purchase.

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