How it Works

How it Works

Invest in professionally managed PE Funds.


Exclusive Deal Flow

The dedicated and experienced team at Reelshares sources only the best investments from a nationwide network of battle-tested real estate firms.


Data-Driven Diligence

Reelshares relies on proven proprietary algorithms and underwriting Metholdogy to settle on the best 5% real estate investments that can guarantee solid long-term returns.


360° Execution

Reel Shares team focused on protecting investors' principal while minimizing returns in various real estate assets.


Sustained Growth

Reel Shares offers an opportunity to build a diversified portfolio for generating free cash flow for sustained growth.

Three Investment Approaches to Fit Your Portfolio

Reelshare provides three investing approaches, all supported by decades of real estate experience and in-house Underwriting, Asset Management, and Investor Relations. Choose the approach that aligns with your investment goals or diversify across all three.

Fund Investing

Multiple assets. Built-in diversification.
It is an ideal investment option for investors looking for portfolio diversification. The option comes with multiple investment assets.

  • Strategies: Debt, Equity, Opportunity Funds, CRE Securities
  • Target Duration: 1.5 to 10+ years
  • Minimum investment: as low as $20k

Direct Investing

Targeted investments into distinct properties.
Perfect investment option for investors looking to build their real estate portfolio from scratch and step by step

  • Strategies: Debt, Preferred Equity, Common Equity
  • Target Duration: 6 months to 5+ years
  • Minimum investment: as low as $10k

Savings Alternative

Short-term, diversified Notes with zero fees.
Ideal investment option for investors eying short-term alternatives for savings. It offers diversified notes with zero fees.
  • Strategies: Diversified notes
  • Target Duration: 3 to 9 months
  • Minimum investment: as low as $5k

Got a Question?

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Reel Share strives to be a one-stop shop for everything real estate investment. It is an ideal hub for investors looking for trust, stability, security, and high returns, as it offers all the tools and resources needed to make informed real estate investment decisions.

If you have any questions regarding the platform and the types of real estate investments on offer and commercial real estate investing in general, take a look at the frequently asked questions.

Reelshares is a real estate and private equity investment financial technology firm that offers access to professionally managed private equity funds of funds and real estate investments. The platform seeks to make real estate investing simple, accessible, and transparent.

While leveraging innovative technologies, real estate experience and industry-leading investor services, we offer unparalleled investing experience. Therefore, we are a one-stop shop for anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio to highly prospective real estate properties and generate passive income with as little as $10,000.

How it Works: We offer robust in-house underwriting and a seamless investing process, allowing investors to participate in direct real estate transactions and interact with experienced sponsors and lenders. Our offerings span a variety of markets, asset types, and return profiles so you can meet your investment goals.

For more on the landscape of modern real estate investing and where Reelshares fits in, please consult our learning series. More information regarding the historical performance of Reelshares investments can be found on our Track Record page.

Reelshares stands out from the pack in offering diversified offerings, including equity preferred equity and senior debt investments for optimum returns in the real estate sector. The platform focuses on mid-market commercial real estate with diverse multi-tenant properties. We offer investment options with solid cash flow therefore maximizing investor’s returns.

Backed by an experienced management team with an impressive track record and industry-leading customer services, it sets Reelshares apart from other real estate investing platforms.

Public REITs are publicly traded and thus come backed by high levels of liquidity and volatility. However, some come with stringent investment requirements and are subject to market sentiment fluctuations.

Reelshares, on the other hand, has partnered with reputable real estate investment management companies to offer high-value none traded REITs. Therefore, it provides a way for investors to shun the volatility associated with publicly traded REITs. It provides a great way to diversify an investment portfolio in an asset class with a flexible redemption option. The platform also offers access to real estate deals with low minimums and solid deal flow.

Reelshares offers a diverse mix of direct fund and tax-deferred commercial real estate investment options with properties spread across various locations. The real estate investment option spans a full capital stack featuring multiple risk/return profiles.

Reelshares offers a straightforward process of signing up and getting started on real estate investing. Setting up an account cannot take more than five minutes, and once an account is qualified, one can begin browsing current offerings and set up an investment account.

Yes. We accept  funding from various IRA custodians. Complete an IRA investment account form online. See here:

Yes, you can invest through My LLC, LP or Trust by signing up for an account with Reelshares upon providing all the appropriate information and documentation about the option. Each owner of an entity or each beneficiary of a trust must be an accredited investor, or the entity must have total assets over $5M.

For as little as $200, investors can access various real estate investment options in Reelshares. The value of investments varies from one asset class to another and can range between $5,000 and $30,000. Additional shares are offered in increments of $5,000.

Fees vary depending on the investments one is making on the platform. For instance, joint equity investments have a fee of between 0.5% and 1.5% of the invested capital. Debt and preferred equity investments come with a servicing fee of about 1%

Fund offerings include origination fees paid upfront and specified with each offering. Reelshares also deduct administrative expenses to cover tax document reaction. The fee is usually split between all investors and can vary between $30 and $70 per investor annually.

Returns vary depending on the investments one makes in Reelshares. In addition, they rely on each transaction’s risk profile and the offering’s terms. Below are some of the returns that investors can expect depending on the instruments used

  • Debt: 7-12% annual rate of return;
  • Preferred equity:6-12% current preferred return, 10-18% total preferred return;
  • Common equity: IRRs (internal rate of return) of 10% – 24%+
  • Funds: Depends on the fund strategy (core, core-plus, value-add, optimistic, distressed). We typically seek to source fund investments that offer predictable, near-term cash flow.

Returns distribution varies depending on the deal and the investment made. Nevertheless, they can either be monthly or quarterly. Debt investments offer fixed monthly rate returns, while preferred equity investments offer fixed monthly or quarterly rate of return. Common equity investment cash flow returns vary based on the performance of the underlying investment.

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