ReelShares Partners with Coinbase

May 6th, 2024 – Press Release: ReelShares Partners with Coinbase for Sales Partnership Program


  • Reel Shares, a player in financial technology is excited to announce its approved sales partnership with Coinbase, the premier name in cryptocurrency.

About Coinbase

  • Coinbase stands out as a secure and intuitive platform where individuals and businesses can engage in cryptocurrency transactions. Committed to fostering an open financial system, Coinbase provides a comprehensive set of tools that simplify the entry into the crypto realm.

Sales Partnership Details

  • The partnership enables ReelShares partners to earn on initial trades and for each new user registration. This initiative is poised to offer ReelShares an additional opportunity to tap into the growing crypto market and present its users with other avenues to the future of finance.

Contact Information

  • For further details or questions regarding the sales partnership program, please reach out to the ReelShares team at

This announcement marks a significant milestone for both ReelShares and Coinbase as they join forces to enhance user empowerment in the cryptocurrency and investment sectors. The collaboration reflects the forward-thinking ethos of both entities and their dedication to delivering value to their clientele.


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