In the past five years, the U.S. real estate investment market has returned 31.07%, beating the S&P 500 at 7.26%. The real estate market is projected to deliver returns of up to 41% in the next five years.

These are the details investors interested in purchasing shares of ReelShares Real Estate Focus Fund should know.

The fund’s investment area and return target

The fund invests more than 80% of its assets in a collection of real estate investments, including multifamily property and real estate mutual funds. It focuses on companies that have at least 50% of their business in the real estate space.

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The fund seeks to generate an internal rate of return of at least 20%.

ReelShares Real Estate Focus Fund share class

The fund offers two share class options: individual investor class shares and institutional investor class shares. Each of these major share classes are available in different versions. Apart from the standard accounts in each class, both individual and institutional investors can choose from at least five additional account options. These include account options focused on retirement savings and children investing.

Initial investment requirements

The fund requires a minimum initial investment of $2,000 for the standard individual investor account. The minimum transaction amount for additional share purchases is $150. The other individual account options have minimum initial investment requirements as low as $550 and minimum transaction amounts for subsequent share purchases as low as $100.

The standard institutional investor account requires an initial investment minimum of $50,000. The minimum transaction amount for additional share purchases is $500. These minimum investment requirements are the same for all the institutional account types the fund offers.

ReelShares Real Estate Focus Fund investor fees

The fund charges an annual fee to investor accounts. The annual fee is assessed as a percentage of the account value. The fee is 1.35% of the individual investor accounts and 1.12% on the institutional investor accounts.

Investors can purchase shares of the fund directly from Reel Shares or through a financial intermediary. After the initial investment, shares can be traded on the NYSE.

To purchase shares of ReelShares Real Estate Focus Fund directly from ReelShares, register on the ReelShares website at or call the number 212-804-7742.

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